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no instrument panel lights on 87 pu

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Hi, I have no light on the instrument panel yet do have lights on the radio and the warning lights. the dimmer light doesn't work on the instrument panel either but does for the radio. fuses are all ok. is there a bulb for the panel that i can get to without taking the whole thing apart? what else should i check? pberg from michigan
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check your tail light fuse. If your parking lights don't work its the tail fuse. otherwise it is possible that you have a bad dimmer switch. There are a couple of possiblities. So i am not sure check that one first.
If your dimmer light doesnt work then your instrument panel lights wont work. It is sort of a relay. Try putting a wire connecting to the pins. Twist both ends of the wire together and put both the seperate ends in each pin. If that doesn't work then its something else.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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