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No Low Beam Lights

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I have high beam lights but no low beams, checked voltage at bulb, have it on highs but not on low, checked fuses, all checked ok, need help. 2000 celica.
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have u checked the bulbs? its rare but sometimes both bulbs can blow and you will still have High beams i would check the bulbs and even try new bulbs to start. i have seen that a few times where i work. try it let me know
i may be wrong here, is the high and low on the same bulb or on seperate bulbs. i have high beams and if the lows are the bulb above it then i have them but they are real dim, i tried adjusting but very little success. just not sure if they are together or seperate on a 2000. toyota says they are together on the same bulb, it is a 9005 bulb, but it appears they may not be.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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