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I just wanted to share my recent experience regarding an annoying rattle I’ve had in my car that was coming from the rear deck area. I don’t know if this will help or apply to anyone else, but perhaps it will. The rattle was inconsistent and really only heard during the winter months. I tried to locate the cause and concluded that it was some sort of loose wire/part/fitting under the deck. When I looked into how to remove the rear deck to do further investigating, it seemed to involve more work than I felt comfortable doing myself…I don’t recall all the steps but I think removing the rear seat was necessary. Whatever the steps were, I decided to abandon that idea and live with the occasional rattle. Well right before my 3-yr/36,000 mile warranty expired, I took my car in for the rear window sunshade TSB regarding the faulty relay. This was the issue where the shade would rise during warm weather without input (and, no, not a feature :smile:). That was done this summer. I did not have the foresight to ask the technician to check for anything loose under the deck while he was at it. But lo and behold, the rattle is gone! (knock on wood). I doubt it was the faulty relay and my guess is that the technician, either on purpose or by accident, corrected the cause when putting everything back together. I waited a while to post this since the rattle has always been inconsistent, but I believe it has been cold enough for long enough that if the rattle were still there, it would have appeared by now. Hallelujah!!

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