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No more SDS?

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I was looking through the old posts reading about the RIPPMODS SDS. I was jacked that a bolt-up s/c would be available. Then I saw a part sale from a year ago that they don't make it anymore. Is this true? Is there anyone else who makes an S/C system, or will any other Yota setup fit? Or is it all turbo at this point?
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no lover for the i4 guys sorry
I know how you feel. I fell in love with the SDS system 3 years ago when I first saw it (but could never afford it), and I was devastated to find out that they don't make it anymore.
I want to say they only ever made between 5 and ten kits, it was discontinued before it ever even really got produced.
IMO, from what ive read about the SDS system ... you might as well just invest the extra money and go turbo anyways

there are a few people that no longer post that had it - who knows where the kits went now though ... you could probably track them down and contact them via PM, email, or on cardomain
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