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No power mod love for 2.4L?

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I can't seem to find any resources online for power mods on a 2.4 liter motor. Granted it's the runt of the litter, but I'd still like to go just a little faster. All I've been able to find are intakes and exhausts. Anyone seen anything else?
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How much money do you want to spend? There is no such thing as cheap power.

TehComa said:
What the heck does SR5 mean anyway?
Sport Rally 5 speed. It used to indicate a performace package, but by the mid to late 80s it was just a high end trim designation.
On some forums, one of the cheapest ways to add a little power (and noise) is the deck plate mod. I haven't done it yet but it's only about $10. I can explain it but I'm sure there is a how-to somewhere here.
I don't think the 2.4L airboxes have the flat side you need to do the deck plate mod. I'd go with a headders, exhaust, and intake first to free up a little bit.
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