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no power unless the timing is advanced

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i have a 90 toyota pickup and one morning i went to start it and thats when the fun began..idles fine but without any power, when i give it gas it slowly revs runs great if i advance the timing but runs a tad hot sometimes..ive looked all over the net and went to several mechanics on this issue without any luck, i have seen a few people on here with the same problem and they still do not have a fix...below is a list of what i have done so far

1. installed new timing sprockets,chain, tensioner, guides, TWICE.. double checked work..made sure everything lined up several times..everything is perfect..also made sure the keys were not sheared

2. two throttle position sensors..did several techniques like unplug and plug..still same problem

3. jumped te1 and e1 connectors while timing engine..

4. checked ALL the vacuum lines

5. replaced maf

6. replaced spark plugs, air filter, distributor(the whole distributor body gears and all), ignitor, coil and wires

7. checked codes..everything clear

8. checked egr valve and replaced vaccum canister

9. replaced throttle body with a new one

10. replaced temperature coolant sensor

11. replaced o2 sensor
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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