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Hey guys im trying to setup my sub and amp but i dont seem to be getting any power to the amp??
I have everything plugged in right and double checked and had a friend verify. the last thing i did was plug the power cable to the battery. but no power not even protect mode. Any thoughts of what i could be doing wrong i know its not the amp because i took it off another car today and it was working fine. PLEASE HELP!!

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Do what blackcamse said and if still nothing

this is my suggestion.
1) check the fuse on the power wire
2) the ground cable
3) check the voltage on the power wire at the amp side
4) check the fuses on the amp

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I am gonna go with ...

Check if your +12v FUSE is okay, and if its even connected to the battery,

Check your grounds.

Im gonna put my money on this one : Make sure you have a proper remote wire with +12v when on,

Do this to test,

WITH your +12 (batt) and ground hooked up
DISCONNECT your remote wire, and TAKE a shorter wire and CONNECT it from the +12v to the remote, so pretty much your using a short wire as a jumper.

So to be a bit more clear, you should have a wire conencting your +12v battery and remote TOGETHER , WITH your +12V wire.

your amp should TURN ON. but the +12v is CONSTANT so do not leave it in unless you want your amp on all night and a dead battery.

If it turns on then recheck your remote line.
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