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1994 Toyota Pick-up 22RE. 195K miles. (My moms truck)

So the shifter is now stuck in the neutral position. The Clutch just goes all the way to the floor with no resistance. I checked the clutch resovior and it was empty.

It sounds like the steps would be to fill up the clutch resovior with brake fluid and bleed the system first right? Is there a "how to" on bleeding the system? (never done it before)

If that doesn't do the trick it would probably be the Clutch master cylinder? or the Slave? How would you tell which one is going bad?

Thanks! I gotta get mom back on the road.

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If the resevoir is empty, obviously there is a leak.
To find out where the leal is, look for a puddle, it has to go somewhere.
Four possibilities, look around/under the MC, SC, the line in-between, and inside under the clutch pedal (look for wet carpet).

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This happened to my brothers ford ranger(BOOO) last month. It ended up being the slave cylinder(which is in the transmission on the ranger), but to find the leak we just put some brake fluid in the resevoir and pumped the clutch while looking and listening for leak. heard the brake fluid squirting out inside the tranny. problem found. the rest wasn't so easy.

but this is where it happened, which wasn't too good either...

was fun getting it out...

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like bleeding anything:
1. gravity bleed: open the bleeder till fluid comes out.
2. vacuum bleed: attach vacuum bleeder to bleeder bolt, open bleeder bolt, apply vacuum till fluid comes out.
3. manual bleed: open bleeder, push pedal down, close bleeder, let pedal up, repeat.

of course on all of these make sure the reservoir doesn't run dry
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