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Last night on the way home something strange happened I was sitting at a red light and decided to pop on the lights..headlights came on but no dash or running lights. I tried it a few times nothing, got home and parked a couple hours later I go out to the truck and everything works normally.

I have checked all the fuses and everything seems ok. but I am perplexed at this point.

One other thing is the truck had been parked all day and driven about 20mins when I decided to turn on the lights, so was just barely warmed up at that point.

it's a 1993 SR5 XCab 4x4



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It is more than likely one of two things....:
A: loose connection or ground somewhere.. or more likely
B: Your headlight/Parking/Blinker switch is starting to go on you..

That same switch can cause a plethora of problems..
I had to change mine out last month, on my truck blinkers,parking and low beams all worked great, as did the warning flash when you pull the stalk back.. which made the high beams come on, but when you put it in the high beam position; blue light on the dash came on, but no headlights.

IF: it is your switch going out, it will get worse quickly.
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