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Car in question: 1990 Toyota Corolla, 4 dr, no options. 5 speed.

I recently had the car in for some repair (thermostat, right axle, starter motor). On my way home, while sitting at a traffic light, the car just stalled. Wouldn't start. Had to have it towed home.

After initial troubleshooting, it appears that the fuel rail is presurized, the starter motor is rotating the motor, the timing belt is on, and there's no spark -- I replaced the cap and button (comes with plug wires) with no luck...

I ran through a few of the diagnosis in the manual regarding testing the dizzy, however, does anyone know what to test on those two grey connectors coming into the dizzy to see if that may be the issue? The distributor has the coil, ignitor and dizzy all built in. I tested the coil and it appears fine. Wondering if the ignitor is the problem? There doesn't seem to be a diagnosis test for that in the manual.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I will be heading to a junk yard to find a replacement dizzy, but I was hoping to be able to definitively diagnosis the issue first.
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