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My nephew tried to jump start his 1987 pick up. While doing so, he reversed the jumper cables. Needless to say, he never got his truck started and he bought a new battery. His truck still will not start, however it does turn over. I figure he must have blown something. I have checked the fuses and fuseable links in the engine compartment, all are good. On the inside fuse box, the 7.5 amp "IGN" fuse was blown. After replacing it,still no spark. I metered the coil and the neg and pos terms were closed, (or with a couple ohms). I have noticed there is an ignitor under the coil, but it is a $350 piece, so I want to be sure it is bad before buying it!
I had a friend reverse jumper cables in a mazda once and a fuseable link broke. He also had no power for anything. All power was dead. With my nephew's truck, he still has power, just no spark.
Any suggestions??
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