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No Sport Suspension Ride Here!

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Thanks for any suggestions on this tough one for all you sport car enthusiasts.

I need to make my Camry ride like a Limo and I'm having a hard time finding the right shock/strut/spring combo from any supplier. Last time I was in Japan I was in a Camry cab that had a limo ride/feel from the suspension. This wash a shock(npi) to me since
I didn't know that a Camry could have a ride LIKE a limo, just from the body design.

Don't ask why I need to do this, I'm just doing it for this car(2000 LE).


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I suppose limo means soft so i would just get some new kyb struts and keep the stock springs. That will firm up the ride but make it smooth to drive. Thats the best i can think of.
airbag suspension.
kybs won't make the ride like a limo....

first though, tell us if you have a v6 or not, or an se or not. they all have different suspension
Tires also play an important role in the way the ride feels. The higher the side wall, the better the ride.
Well, a firm ride cannot equal a smooth ride, their oxymorons. A firm ride means a more stable and solid ride, which generally equals bumpy, ie. lowering the car with stiffer struts. To obtain the best luxury feel, you'll have to stick with oem for struts and springs. The KYB struts are a bit more stiff then the OEM ones, but that means they'll be more solid and equaling more bumpy.

In my opinion, I'd say swap to new OEM struts/springs, replace the sway bars with Whiteline ones, and stick use the 205/65/15 tires.
slap some Kumho KH16's on your rims and that already makes the ride smoother and softer.

Stick with your OEM springs and use worn out
darksparkz said:
Well, a firm ride cannot equal a smooth ride, they're contradicting each other.

sorry, ocd =[. anyway, i know this is a month old but ive had similar questions in the past. so main thing would be tires? after that is there anything else someone can do to give a smoother ride? i still have my stock shocks/springs but my shocks are completely shot and i cant even go over some speed bumps cuz when it bottoms out it hurts so are there any other shock options? im just curious. thanks =]
you could get a coil over system (spring/strut have same spring rates) that is fully adjustable with some soft tires.

if you've got no more shocks, thats a safety issue, not to mention extra stress on ur springs and other parts. get some KYB GR-2 struts.
+1 airbags
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