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"Huge Goat Schmeisser" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]

> SharkmanBMW wrote:
>> the "liquid" is also good for temps of -40celcius.
>> so it is not really an issue, until it hits the cold windshield...
>> then it will sometimes freeze.

> The problem is, that -40º fluid sits in the nozzles overnight,
> evaporating off the methanol fraction. Minus the alcohol, washer fluid
> is just water and detergent.
> And guess what water does at -40º? Nozzles /can/ and /do/ freeze up.

Huge Goat, if we were to believe that tripe, we wouldn't bother using
windshield washers at all, because following your theory, the "fluid
sits in the nozzles overnight, evaporating off the methanol fraction"!
Nonesense Huge Goat! "the metanol fraction" does not evaporate
overnight! Give your head a shake Huge Goat!