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"Huge Goat Schmeisser" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]

>>"Huge Goat Schmeisser" <[email protected]> wrote in message
>>news:[email protected]

>> > The problem is, that -40º fluid sits in the nozzles overnight,
>> > evaporating off the methanol fraction. Minus the alcohol, washer

>>fluid > is just water and detergent.
>> >
>> > And guess what water does at -40º? Nozzles can and do freeze up.
>> >

>>Huge Goat, if we were to believe that tripe, we wouldn't bother using
>>windshield washers at all, because following your theory, the "fluid
>>sits in the nozzles overnight, evaporating off the methanol
>>fraction"! Nonsense Huge Goat! "the methanol fraction" does not
>>evaporate overnight! Give your head a shake Huge Goat!

> Perhaps you need to give your own head a shake.
> I live in Ontario, Canada. I suppose I'm imaging the frozen nozzles I
> /personally/ experience at least a couple of times every single winter?
> By the way, a quick fix is to place a (warm) thumb over the nozzles for
> a minute (or as long as you can stand). This is often enough to thaw
> the fluid so as to allow the nozzles to function again. Once they start
> working, they're normally fine for the rest of the day, even if the
> temperature stays low.

You pussies up in the Ottawa area do little but moan and whine in the
winter. You must be a politician or an uncivilized servant. You'll go
out and skate on the Rideau, but you don't want a dirty windshield to
get there! Try public transit! Go up to Moose Factory for a winter and
then you'll have something to whine about! "frozen least a
couple of times every single winter"! Whoopie Doopie! A couple times
each winter! Big f***ing deal! Get a grip man! Give your head a shake
Huge Goat! You're an embarrasment to your country!