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Somebody. wrote:

> "Peter Daly" <[email protected]> wrote in message
> news:[email protected]
>>You pussies up in the Ottawa area do little but moan and whine in the
>>winter. You must be a politician or an uncivilized servant. You'll go out
>>and skate on the Rideau, but you don't want a dirty windshield to get
>>there! Try public transit! Go up to Moose Factory for a winter and then
>>you'll have something to whine about! "frozen least a couple
>>of times every single winter"! Whoopie Doopie! A couple times each winter!
>>Big f***ing deal! Get a grip man! Give your head a shake Huge Goat! You're
>>an embarrasment to your country!

> Peter, you're the embarrasement to whatever country you're from. He wasn't
> moaning, you are. He just stated a fact, that his nozzles freeze up
> sometimes, which another poster claimed was impossible.
> Driving with frozen nozzles can leave you with close to zero visiblity
> within a few minutes in some conditions, and cause an accident. He has
> found a practical solution using his thumb. I don't think he's the one that
> needs to give his head a shake.
> -Russ.

Russ, we wouldn't want you and Huge Goat to freeze your nozzles. We all
know that the Ottawa and Simcoe areas are the cold spots on the planet.
What wusses! Try wearing thermal underwear to keep your nozzles from
freezing. LMAO! Find a real cause to get behind Russ. Oh, and buy a
bottle of the newer windshield washer fluid that never seems to freeze
up. Keep your nozzles on the ice Russ!