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noise inside drivers side....

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I have a noise that sounds just like your lights when they switch from drl's to headlights ... its a faint sound that happens the whole time I am driving...... its weird sounds like a relay clicking on then off......wait about 5-10 seconds then hear it again.....the whole time im driving....comes from the steering wheel area either below or above cant tell .. never heard anything like it before in my life.......anyone else ever have this....?
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do you have hids or regular bulbs? it could be your ballast if you have hids or if you ran a relay harness it could be the relay harness.
but the headlights arent even on when it does it ???? it did it with regular bulbs and hid's in ....i think......But a relay wouldnt be firing if it wasnt on would it?
not sure then because the drl module is behind the glove box. the only thing under the steering is the fuse box.
lol oh well no worries have a good one
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