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Bought my truck with a power steering problem. Awful noise that wouldn't go away. Finally replaced the power steering pump, the tensioner pulley assembly (both new), bled the system and the noise went away.

The noise is now back after a month. Groaning noise while turning the wheel left or right. Was very faint at first when the truck was cold only (it's like 10 degrees here lately) but now it's getting louder every day for a lot longer.

I've read the manual and my next step should be the control valve in the gear box. My question is: Has anyone had experience pulling this valve? Is it hard to remove and can I do anything besides replace once out? Should i just replace the whole steering box instead? Will I screw up my pump if i just leave as-is? Maybe it's the pump again?

Bummer that I spent big bucks on a pump (the tensioner pulley was almost as bad) only to have the noise come back. I'm going to check my fluid and I saw that the gearbox gets some lube, too, so I'll check that. Any expertise in this area out there?
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