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NOOB introduction

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Hey guys.. Scott here.. Had My Highlander for about a year now and really haven't done anything but change the oil.. LOL.. Previous cars were a 88 Mustang GT 5.0 with full exhaust, stall converter, and transmission upgrades (thats the short list.. the full list would take 3 pages) and a 93 Infiniti G20 with an SR20DE motor.. short ram intake, Accell wires, bumped timing.

I love modding cars.. but what I have been reading about the Highlander is kinda depressing.. I've been looking for a programmer/chip to bump the timing and milk a few more HP out of it but everything seems to be trying to sell cheap resistors. looking for an intake but seems everyone I have read has caused a CEL for someone.. looked at the exhaust and the only one I can see is a $450 TRD muffler which doesn't seem to be anything special.. Its Ok though.. I'm a tinkerer and I love playing and experimenting. I like fabricating and such.. hopefully I can experiment and give back to the forum as much as I can use it.. :D

First things first.. Installing a wired FM modulator for an MP3 Player. Will be sure to take pics and post a how to once I get it installed.. :D
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Check this out, I've been running it for over a year and it's worked great. I replaced the included filter though, the one they give is crap. It's not a true CAI, but it definitely gives better flow.

it goes for about $100, never a cel problem
Thats actually the one that I read people were having trouble with.. Something about there was an extra port or there wasn't enough ports.. anyways where are you going to, to get it for $100? Good job replacing the filter. most of those filters are garbage.. i had an old X3 racing WAI on my G20 and surprisingly came with a really good filter!!! if it had been junk I was going to go throw on a small conical K&N..
I went to, but it looks like they've doubled their price since then. It shouldn't be too hard to make one yourself though. The only tough part might be making the maf fit right.
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