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Noob with some new toys

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So I posted a few questions on here, didn't get much of a response so i took matters into my own hands. I purchased a 3" Toytec Ultimate lift, a new toyota skidplate, 4 285/70/17 BF GOODRICH mud-terrains, and American Racing Predator Black Teflons (17x8.5). It's all going into a 2008 Tacoma TRD sport Access Cab that's black. I'll post pictures as soon as everything is in, hopefully by Friday. Lift will be here today, wheels and tires hopefull tomorrow or thursday....
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thats sounds sick, can't wait to see some pics:)
nice :cool:

that toytec ultimate lift looks like a really good kit. you get a lot of bang for your buck! let us know how well it rides and how it holds up offroad after the install.

This is a success story showing that searching does work

Nice work :clap:
That sounds like an excellent set up! Should look awesome!
sounds good... cant wait to see.

What a tease!!!!!!...I hate threads that start like this...making me wait for pics...:headbang:
Soon enough man, the money is spent, just playin the waiting game...
Excellent choice of lift and wheels!

I am going to be buying the same lift kit soon... I don't even have my taco yet, it's been ordered and just waiting... Like you my friend :)

Pls do post pics when done, it should look and ride great! :thumbsup:
I have the lift. But you got the extra goodies I want. 285 MT's, black wheels, and skid plate. My paychecks aren't coming in fast enough :lol:
i'm looking forward to the pics. it sounds great.
Lift is in, rides great! Tires n rims tomorrow, ALL pics by sunday, i promise!
Finally Got Some Pics!!!!

I got some pics finally, took them about an hour ago, hope you like them!
That looks great. Black on black looks really cool. The only criticism I havea, and is purely a personal thing, but I would have went black letter out. To each his own. Great looking truck.
looks nice! i'm looking on getting a pretty similar set up on my truck, especially with the ultimate lift kit.

so how level is it? and are the shocks on the stock setting or did u raise/lower them? did u have the rear leaf tsb done?
that looks awesome
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