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hey everybody. my name is Stuart and I drive an '88 FX. ive had it about a year and a half and i love it. Last month i bought an '87 ae86 sr5 coupe which will be for sale very cheap in the near future because i need more space in the drive way. I also have an '86 rx7 base model with out a motor for sale w/turbo2 suspension & 5 lug hubs. [email protected] email me for info on either cars.

Do any of you out there have FX's? If so, please post pics. I plan on getting another one when the rx-7 and sr5 go.
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Welcome to TN :D

You will sell that AE86 real quick here.... seems like there is at least 20 people just on TN looking for them. When the time is ready put it up in the buy/sell section and before you know it, it will be out of your driveway.
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