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NOPI NATIONALS Motorsport Supershow $3600 CLUB Participation Awards

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NOPI NATIONALS Motorsport Supershow - ATLANTA MOTOR SPEEDWAY - September 18-19, 2004

Just announced:

$3600 Cash Prize to CAR CLUBS, GROUPS or WEBSITES

2 ways to win:

First by having the most entries in the Car Show:

$1000 for most show entries
$500 for Second most show entries
$300 for Third most show show entries

All must register under the same CLUB/GROUP/WEBSITE name. Entries will be counted and winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony. To register club, group or website name - email [email protected] and ask to add your club, group or website name to the parking grid. Then when your members register on-line they will be prompted for the Car Club, Group or Website name. Once they choose the name it will open up parking in the same area as all others in the group. Keep in mind though that when a particular section is full, you will have to park wherever parking is available, also keep in mind that this show can sell out so register early.

Second is "The Most" Awards. Be at the awards ceremony with your club, group or website and make the most noise and have the biggest sign or the best idea to get the most attention. Winners will be chosen on the spot. (No Fireworks Please)

$1000 for most people and noise at the Awards ceremony
$500 for Second most people and noise at the Awards ceremony
$300 for Third most people and noise at the Awards ceremony

The Car Clubs and Car enthusiats made NOPI what it is today. Time to get your share!

Complete Show Info:

Any Questions?
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Hey man, I'm planning on entering my Car into the Car Show porition. What do I have to do and how much does it cost to enter your car?

Register on-line at the link above. $70 for entry and 2 weekend passes.
Oh yeah that would be sweet.....bov's for everyone lol!
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