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Hey guys!

its me again, now that whole thing with the motor is gone, the dude was a bastard and things were gunna be just too $$$ and un-trustworthy,

so im just plannin to buy a GT4 later on down the track so im just gunna mod my baby as she stands.(ive already got a nice wide ass'ed kitt for her)now im not a ricer so i dont want none of this stupid shit, i just want good clean offical branded stuff!, now i currently have my eye on a nice cold air induction kitt for the motor, some yamaha carbie's or what ever their called, my mech told me he can get em from the factroy(toyota) for cheap for me.. now i just wanna know what you all think i should also add cause i aint got no clue except some 17' wheels so i can get some semi-racing brembo breaks for her..

so just tell me what y'all think!........

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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