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Not a common 1JZ swap... Need some help!

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Hey everyone! Me and a buddy decided to order a 1JZ-GTE w/ tranny, ecu, wiring harness, ect. We have 14 days to install it once its delivered for the warranty and I'm having a hard time finding decent and some what cheap parts to throw this thing together within the time limit. The motor and everything else coming with it is from japan. If you could link me to good parts that will get this thing running and moving quick we'd really appreciate it. I'm especially having a hard time finding a good intercooler piping kit that we can make work. If i need to custom fab it let me know.

Thanks again - Caden & Andrew
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If you’ve not worked with this engine before and have to fab to make it fit, I’d stop trying to make it fit and run it on a stand. Rig and weld a temp bench to bolt it on, weight it and you can run the engine there to see if everything is ok.

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Also would be good idea to measure compression & do leak-down once you've got it running on stand and fully warmed-up.

And easy enough to pull oil-pan and measure rod-bearing and main clearances. Replace with new bearings while you're there. Heck, might as well pull head and pistons and replace rings too while you're there. Minimal efforts for brand-new engine.
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