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Nova rust prevention

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Sorry guys, wrong car, but my question I'm sure has come to any of you living in the northern states where the roads are a blanket of corrossive salt 6 months out of the year. I have a pristine (for such an old car) 88 Nova with no body rust and minimal rust underneath. My question is: what is the best way to prevent rust, especially around the wheel wells and rocker panels, the two places that seem to have been hit worse on my 84 Corolla.

Thanks for any response
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The easiest way would be to paint the underside with killrust - then if your worried about what it looks like, just spray over the top of that the colour of your car.

*edit* I have the same problem with salt air from the top and muddy water from the bottom on my corolla - was re-painted the same colour around 2 years ago with a base coat of killrust over the whole thing to stop it from rusting
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