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Now a toyota family ... '21 Camry XSE and '15 Venza (with bluetooth dropping issue)

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Hello Forum!

Within the last year I've transition my family to two Toyota vehicles.

We've moved from my '13 For C-max Plugin Hybrid (never had any problems with it, ended getting 54 mpg) and a '15 Chrysler Mini Van (pretty minimal problems with it other than needing a new CPU due to stalling completely while running perfectly smoothly on the highway ... scary).

We now have a '21 Camry XSE and '15 Venza.

We are generally a low mileage family (I'm 8k and my wife about 10k a year) and we were looking for something longer term. Our old cars had 70k miles on them and we were getting nervous that repairs were going to be getting pretty bad as they aged, plus the perfectly running Chrysler died twice on the highway with the whole family (one driving to Thanksgiving dinner) and that was the end of the rope for my wife. Total and instant loss of power steering and power brakes while going 65 mph in a large van full of family did it for her. Both times the darned van also started right up and ran perfectly smoothly after about 15 min sitting. We put a new CPU the Chrysler van to attempt to fix it (mechanic couldn't narrow it down and admitted it was a guess) and I kept it and road tested a year to make sure before selling it using it as a business van.

We made an even switch for mileage on one car ('15 Venza had 69k on it when I bought it) and I moved to a much newer car with the XSE Camry.

We are year in on both vehicles.

So far things have gone pretty well with the Toyotas with a few exceptions, mainly on the '15 Venza with 69k miles.

The '15 Venza needed a new cabin blower fan with resistor (apparently they are one unit) and at the same time there was a similar aged Highlander in the shop for the exact same repair.
The Venza Bluetooth has also been the most frustrating experience ever as it works for about two minutes then drops my wife's iphone XR calls, SW verion 010191.

We must use hands free per law so the bluetooth dropping is huge issue. Very very annoying as well to have my wife's phone cut out in so many of our conversations after 2 mins when we both know the call is fine and the phone is in fact still connected to the bluetooth.

The '21 Camry XSE I probably spent too much on with options. One option I'm kind of questioning is the sun roof (full length one) as I'm only 6' tall and have the seat all the way down but my hair still scrapes the ceiling, which is annoying and turn my hair into a "spikey" style. I didn't notice it on the test drives but the roof line is pretty low compared to the Ford Cmax '13 Plug in Hybrid I'm coming from which had plenty of headroom with the sunroof. I don't consider myself very tall at 6' so I can image many people just don't fit in a Camry. I liked the sporty feel of the drive and do prefer smaller cars though so I'm keeping it.

We are planning to keep both of these cars 10 years so I'm sure I'll be around here periodically to learn about the cars and learn from what other people are doing.

Discount Tire told me the XSE's tires will only last about 30k miles (I guess they are non-touring and more sporty?) which was a surprise to me. I'm used to touring tires which last much longer.

Any tips or ideas are welcome.

My side hustle is doing second hand sales on Ebay, Mercari, and my wife does a little Poshmark.

Best Regards,

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