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I am wondering what I can do with it.

Wtih the fact that it has a solid rear axel, and slightly different suspension compents from the Front wheel drive sibling, I still want to be able to lower it slightly and tighten up the shocks a tad. But I don't see how that is possible.

I read, or heard soemwhere that the ae86's and this particular car share the same rear end drive train, so i thought i'd take a peek to see if the suspension bits work there. But I thought I'd ask for some opinions first.

other than that, the car is fantastic, i have been driving it to and from vancouver to whistler and with the amount of snow that the greater vancouver area has been getting, i have had absolutely no troubles with traction what so ever.

the car isn't pretty by any means, being a car from the GTA area, it has a fair bid of rust, actually a lot of rust, but it's nothing that a little TLC can't handle.

So all y'all all trac guru's what you figure?
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