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Now that it has snowed I miss my Revo's

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I had them on my 2000 Grand Cerokee and what a difference.Were getting some snow here in the N.E today and I had a chance to really test the Rugged Trails. There is quite a difference in the snow. The thing I noticed first was ability to turn. The revo's seemed to grab A LOT quicker when trying to turn in snowy conditions. Overall the traction is just a lot better than these Rugged Trails.

I have a friend who works @ firestone and just sold me Revo's for the wifes Jeep at 50% off. $75.00 each. I think I'll be getting a set for the Taco asap. I was gonna go with the AT KO's but why spend that much when I don't have to.
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Just installed some Cooper Discoverer LT's, love them!!!
Snowing like a SOB this morning here in seacoast NH. Took the day off( benefit of working for yourself :lol: )but deicded to see if my Sister wanted me to drive her to work. She is petrified of driving in bad weather and they are talking a good foot+ here before it ends this PM. I figured taking her actually would be more of a help because I would pick her up when the roads would really be bad. Hell, it was horrendous 1st thing! :thumbdown I am not looking forward to picking her up even with 4WD.

I have the Revo's on my truck and they worked great traction wise( ie; going straight and accelerating from stop ). I never needed 4WD once today to get going even at the Wal-Mart parking lot( winter blades )which was a MESS! One thing I have noticed however is even the Revo's can not seem to save this truck on cornering. Something about the load distribution/body roll just sends this truck skidding on any corner even with these great tires.

Certainly it is less then I would see with those junk Dunlop's it had but this morning's trip really showed me that this truck sucks on slippery corners. The Revo's and regular Dueler AT's/APT's I have run in the past on my full sized trucks never broke like this. It HAS to be something about the truck and the way the weight shifts or is located on turns. It also seems to be much, much, worse on a left turn then a right. You start turning left and the truck just keeps gooing straight. :thumbdown

The straight ahead traction and the ability to get going from a stop was great this morning as I expect from the Revo but man corners just are bad. I don't mean the rear end whipping around either I mean starting to turn and the truck just continuing straight. I can't even begin to imagine how bad it would be with a lesser tire. So, if you will be driving in bad weather watch out on corners!
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I had the chance to drive my TRD Sport once in snow with Dunlaps and twice now with Blizzaks and saw for sure Dunlaps can get you or someone else killed.

If you drive on snow or ice, either buy a good set of snow's for the winter or get a better tire for year round like the Revo's.

I had Revo's on my last truck and they were great overall tires I just wish I could do a direct driving comparision between my Blizzaks and Revo's on this truck.
I'll second that binmark, the stock 17' tire on the TRDSport suck in snow and ice. Even in 4wd is white kunkle at times. If you live in a place that doesnt get a ton of snow, you can get by. Ohterwise be warned.
The differnence w/ Blizzaks, is a whole other level of traction, turning, and braking.

I haven't owned the Revo's do have a buddy with em. Its def one the the best all around tires out there. Not bad in snow, great off road, and handles well on pave.

NH05Tacoma, the cause of your awful cornering today could be the layers of road salt that melts the snow to total mush at the bottom. While the top is fluff, the mush at the bottom can send you sliding no matter the tire. I noticed that myself once I get into town. I'll take hardpack, or freshies over a town street with slop any day.
My TRD Sport did fine with the stock Deuler HTs. I'm glad that my region has the Bridgestones instead of those Dunlops. I'd like to get some Revos, but I might just wait 'til these Deulers wear out. They do fine in 4WD, in 6" of snow. They were much better than I expected.


BTW, I pulled a F-150 out of a ditch this morning. The driver was embarassed, but appreciative.

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