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Nut size???

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Can anyone tell me the size of the nut that holds the rear hub in place?

This weekend I had to tighten the nut and I used a 1-1/4 in socket which was not the correct size. I was told by coworkers that I should not have used an impact wrench because It will damage the wheel bearings. Tonight I will back the nut out and hand tighten with torque wrench but I would like to purchase the correct socket.

My guess would be a 30 mm socket.

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You guess correctly. As long as it's the factory axle and nut. (Some aftermarket axles use a different nut size.)

If so, a 1 3/16" socket is much closer. Also, since the torque on that nut is spec'ed at something like 250 ft-lbs, you aren't likely to get it all with your torque wrench. Unless I'm using my impact wrench set at 400 ft-lbs. max, and my (new) 30mm socket, I simply stand on the end of my 18" breaker bar. That puts over 200 ft-lbs. on it.
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