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NYC / East Coast Meet July 31st.

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Alright everybody, its about time we had ourselves another meet. We need to get together and have ourselves a nice lil BBQ/meet this time. There will be food, drinks and a big abondoned parking lot, and lots of grass.

The place is still up for suggestions but Im thinking Roosevelt Island. At the end of the island there is a lighthouse with a big grassy area. In the middle of the area is a big place for BBq's. And right next to that is the Big parking lot. Police on the island are scarce.

Food will be eaten.
Pictures will be taken.
Beer will be consumed.

July 31st 3pm-?am
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I'm down, just one question where is Roosevelt island?

And If this BBQ is to kick off right we need to get a list of whos bringing what. And what ppl can or can not eat. For example I am Hindu so that means no beef for me, but there will be pork and chicken products brought by me. Mo you do not eat Pork right?
^yeah. lol I think were gonna have to talk about all those details once we find out whos gonna go first.
And to answer your qeustion about where is ROosevelt Island, its between Queens and Manhattan. With all my heterosexualness I say this: Its really a beutiful place. And its big enough to accomodate TN and its cars and there aint no Popo there.

About the food situation. Costco is 5 minutes away from there. I think we should all bring in SOME food. I'll be bringing in the grill, condomants and some meets. If we run short on the food, Ill just make a quick Costco run since its 5 minutes from there.
If you can find queens you can find the damn island! Ill get an adress for you guys to Mapquest.
not true, I'm in Queens all the time, but I dont know where shit is..:lol:

except JFK
Okay without whoring up the thread, whos all going? Bring your g/fs or significant others.

Everybody please bring at least 2-3 items and something everybody can enjoy. List what you are bring next to your name.

Where can we get cheap ice?

Long Island ppl we can all meet up at Roosevelt Field Mall and leave from there.

So far we have

1) Mo - Grille condoments, and other meets
2) Will - Hot Dogs and Rolls and possible even soda
3 Drew - ??
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Yea, bring your Gf's AND your friends! And bring whatever you like to eat and we can fry it up on the grill.

So whos coming? Copy and paste and add your name and what your bringing to the list.
i'm down to. i kown how to get there. i use to drive a cab over there. one more thing. are there any toyota nation sticker or flyers i can give out in nyc,bkyn,staten island,bronx and queen. i'm all over.
^You gotta talk to a Mod about that. And if Im not mistaken, nothing is free. You gotta buy it from them first.
foompla said:
beaters allowed? :D

Well if you want to bear youself to a bunch of guys, thats your call. Just please, please, please wear some pants.

Your talking about wearing a beater or driving a beater? lol

:lol: :lol: :lol:

um yea ill meet up at roosevelt field, and go down cause i dont no how to get there

um what shall i bring i dunno, give me some ideas
^Bring lots of Chicken and Soda. And maybe bring a football or a frisbee or something.
its great to hear you guys are having a BBQ. i'm bummed out that i can't make it. I'm leaving for Fl. that day for a week. Maybe, i'll have to make it to the next one. Have fun guys.
Aww man, I heard that Luis cant go either. Would you guys wanna change it to July 30th, so that way some people can attend?
Or would that cause more problems?
i cant go the 30th, i got work and a party

wanna just push it back a week or to close to niagra??

why not that sunday um aug 1?
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