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I just can't figure out why all the nit-picky beef with the Camry.

I think the media has now been caught up in the mainstream, mass-market idea(s) of instant and perpetually drastic technological evolution. These things don't happen all the time, and rapidly. They're expecting hybrid technology to advance in its' short-lifetime, as quickly as PC hardware/software does. Let's be honest...there haven't EVER been enormous gains in the field of Batteries, essentially since their inception. The competition needs to invest in mass-evolutionary changes because they're behind the times, so of course they're offerings are starting to grow in that regard - 5 - 10 years behind Toyota.

I'd go on to suggest that the Toyota family on the whole is actually the most-consistent at pushing change into production when looking at Lexus, & Scion especially, and specifically the Prius from the mainstay brand. What does Honda or Nissan do that "leads the field"? I feel that Toyota has an appropriate approach to introducing a technology, progressively making it better ("perfecting" if you will), prior to moving onto the next technology it wishes to pursue.

I love driving my i4 SE! It has ample power, serious features, great handling, and an amazing ride. My only serious beef is with the Entune system...but I don't expect a Car Manufacturer to come out of the gate with serious Software ability... For a car that's a "safe-bet" for people who know nothing about cars, it must be a dream for people who do, and appreciate a car with well-rounded-ness. We test drove Scions, Rav4s, Prius, Mazdas, came from a Civic and the Camry was so impressive above and beyond them all. We just couldn't bring ourselves to buy a warranty that came with a car (Hyundai), or something so hideous as the current Honda offerings (unfortunately, the Nissans are not much better), nor the headache and worries that surround the German ilk (Volkswagen). The closest thing was (gasp) a Ford, which automatically called to mind concerns about the often-overlooked, but most-utilized piece of the car - the interior. To boot, the Camry, with equivalent bells and whistles was a better value than anything else in the field.

I'm not sure what these reviewers expect. If you want a high-performance car, you're writing your review from an incorrect perspective. If you want to compare offerings, you need to conduct your review from an appropriate place, somewhere a majority of consumers will be able to appreciate - Value. The Camry's value is incredible compared to offerings in its' class, as well as offerings outside of its' class. Lifespan, quality, reliability, amenities, looks, and any other items you would consider of "value" - the Camry has all of these in spades...
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