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I have a problem with my 92 Pickup Automatic V6. the overdrive seems to not work correctly some of the time. When there is an issue it usually is blinking on my dash and my truck seems to shift into a too high of a gear so i don't have any power to accelerate. I could go on with its annoyance but i just want to know if anyone can help me solve this problem. I've asked many mechanics but no luck, so i figured i had a better chance in finding someone with an idea by asking toyota enthusiasts here.

Thanks so much for any help and if any other information is required to understand, please don't hesitate to ask for it. You are doing me a lot of help. I wish i came across this 3 years ago...

Cressida nut
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copied and slightly edited from my sticky in the cressida section.

The pins we're looking for are Tt and E1. Stick a wire in to short these pins.
Make sure the OD button is pushed in (so that overdrive is active and the light is normally off) and turn the key on without starting the engine. Same deal as the check engine light with the blinks but the "OD off" light will be blinking instead of the CEL

The TCU does not have any prerequisites to display codes according to the TSRM except that the OD button must be ON (pushed in) or the light will be lit steady.

-42: Defective no. 1 speed sensor (in combination meter (gauge cluster)) - severed wire or short circuit
-61: Defective no. 2 speed sensor (in transmission) - severed wire harness or short circuit
-62: #1 Solenoid - severed wire or short circuit
-63: #2 Solenoid - severed wire or short circuit
-64: lock-up Solenoid - severed wire or short circuit

I'm guessing you have a wire or connector that is loose, when it wiggles loose it acts up, when it wiggles back in place it makes contact and works.
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