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O2 sensor problems

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guys, im not getting much help on the 95+ forum, and i was hoping someone here would be a bit more helpful.

thats the other thread.

i dont have a wide selection of tools, just basic box end wrenches and sockets. (need to get some deep sockets)

im having a hell of a time getting these things off.
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I was scared like a box of ding dongs in the hands of Biggie Smalls when it came to thinking about busting those stupid things off, I posted a thread somewhere with the part number to the nuts. anyways BUY NEW O2SENSOR NUTS! you will most likely destroy the old ones, drench it in bolt-shnike (PB Blaster) and use a propane torch on them, heat up where the nut meets the stud and clamp down a nice pair of vice grips on the boy and DOOO IT! I was so surprised at how the torch helped.

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It doesn't hurt to cut into them with a Dremel tool, either. Just don't hit yer threads...:eek:

Start spraying them with PB Blaster at least one week before you want to get them off..:D

Also, be sure to dremel off all the old gasket; they can be a b!tch to get off.

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Vice grips are pretty good for this task, but my favorites are alligator or cobra pliers by Knipex.

These are certainly not cheap tools, but they are the best pliers I've ever used.

everyone should have some

Anyhow soak it good with penetrant and see if you can get them loose. Sometimes they will only come off with heat.

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the problem is, its so hard to get to, i can barely get a socket wrench in there.... should i unbolt that portion? if i do that, i have to go through the same wrench/torch/cut/cuss process on two exhaust flanges.

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Yeah, I dont know if you can even reasonably actually undo the bolts on taht part. I tried for a few hours using every possible thing I could think of. In the end I cut off my cat, found out how to trick the o2 sensor and put in a straight pipe. Yay for no tests in IN.
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