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Oahu members?

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This is for the Oahu members of TN I was wondering if there would be any interest in starting an OffRoad park? Now that Delmonte is closing their doors. There will be a great deal of open land becoming available, in the upper Kunia area.
I am just wondering if there would be enough interest to petition the state to grant us a low rate lease for some land that can be made into a place where 4 Wheelers can go to play?
Depending on response, will determine if I proceed with this possibility.
Thank you for your time!
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What happened to your posts over on TTORA?
humanoid said:
What happened to your posts over on TTORA?
no kidding??? he spent a lot of time going back and changing all 100+ posts.

Toku did you let those guys get the best of you over there?
Yeah I gave up! I just got tired of playing with the bad eggs there! That site really sucks!! I have better things to do with my time, then to play with the internet tuff guys over at TTORA! They really need some better mods!
Some of the mods there are good and a lot of the guys there know their $hit, but IMO they are too laxed about some things. If I have a question there I almost always post in the NEWBIE sub-forum so that I won't get flamed there.
I am interested in it. I will be getting a new dirt bike when I get back from Cambodia next month. They are really cheap here, but it costs about $1000 bucks to ship it back. Where is another good place to go besides Kaena?
That's the main problem I've been searching for anywhere to go but it seems that everywhere is gated or blocked off now. Allen Davis you risk getting ticketed, Peacock flats you need a camping permit, Helemano trails is locked. So there is really no good place to go?
That is why I was thinking about try to get some of the plantation land that is now vacant. It's just an idea for now?
I waiting for the super fairy to start up and I'm hitting the outer islands!!
I can agree on the Super Ferry. I have heard Maui and Kauai have some good trails. I wonder if we could get a group discount on the Super Ferry if we got an event going. I am not familiar with the trails on the other islands. I know some spots on the big island, but that doesn't open till 2008.
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