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ODBII code P0171

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I have a 1999 RAV 4 For the past week i have been gettIng this code P0171, i know what this means (system to lean) and it has to do with the MAF sensor.

Could anybody tell me where is the MAF sensor?

Appreciate all of your help


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JM, the MAF should be located on the intake tube a few inches above where the airbox is. Below is a DIY for cleaning the MAF/TB on a 4Runner/Taco, but I would assume the location of the MAF should be similar on a Rav. Just remember to use a spray cleaner specifically designed to clean the MAF and never ever use a Q-Tip to clean the sensor wires. If you break the wires the sensor is a very costly replacement, good luck and keep us updated. Welcome to too!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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