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I have a 98 Camry I-4 (US made). The dealer rebuilt it some time ago for the sludge problem. I was cleaning the TBI today and I found a few things to make me suspicious. Aside from the several things not put back together correctly (wire looms, missing bolts - nothing really serious) I did find something odd. I removed the PCV hose that runs from the end of the valve cover to the CAI (not the one that goes to the PCV valve, but the one that runs out by the engine hook toward the CAI). Iniside the hose on the end closest to the valve cover there was a small metal cup with a hole in the middle. It was turned sideways but once I pushed it out it was clearly a cup shaped bit of metal. Is that supposed to be there? I checked the online manual and counld not find a notation of this hose aside from a mention of it as a PCV hose.

Any Ideas?

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