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Well something pretty weird is happening to my camry. I had a terrible exhaust, full of holes and the muffler wasnt even attached, the y pipe needs to be replaced also.

I did a complete cat back exhaust fully welded w no leaks still have to do the y pipe.

Now before i ever touched the exhaust i noticed it started bogging down no matter the acceleration. The car will shift out of first at around 4k, and then sit at 2900 rpm for quite a few seconds before gaining any rpm. Could plugs and wires be the cause of this? No CEL is on. Also i notice this more when it is hot and the ac is on at all, but it happens with the air off sometimes when its cooler as well.

Any ideas?

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So the Y pipe is still torn open? Like chronti said, it'll hurt it. Specifically the low end torque. Even at that, under light throttle it should shift at 18 (2nd) and 25-28mph (3rd).

You have to rev it to make it shift? What's the fluid look like in the trans, smell like?
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