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I was driving last night, and something started making an odd sound. It's a mid-range continuous tone, much like a warning signal, but different from any of the warning signals I'm aware of (lights on, keys in, etc.). No warning lights came on. Occasionally the sound changed pitch, and then it started coming and going. When I made the last turn onto my street, it went away.

When I started the car this morning, it was fine. I drove to the gas station, and when I started it again, the sound was back. This time, it continued even after I turned off the ignition--about 4 or 5 minutes later, it stopped.

The sound seems to be coming from the dashboard area. It's loudest inside (the volume can vary, but it's never gotten very loud), and seemed to get louder when I opened the door. But once I stepped out of the car, the volume went down again. The volume also seemed to change as I leaned toward the passenger seat. The sound is not affected by radio or heat controls.

Anyone else here experienced anything like this? If it happens again in the morning, I'm heading in to the repair shop...
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