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Odor Removal

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I have the wonderful smell of cat urine in my car. I haven't been able to try much to remove it (currently outside to the States).
In the past I've used Nature's Miracle (or something like that), which did a pretty good job. (The original smell wasn't totally gone, and it happened again)
Just wondering if anyone has experiance with having to remove such odors.

With the Nature's Miracle and others like it, you're supposed to pour onto the fabric (in this case, the carpet and back seats) and let it sit there and dry up on its own.
Kinda worried as to any possible rust it might cause (it says safe anywhere water is safe, and I'd assume as long as I never have to apply it again and again, I shouldn't worry, but I tend to worry about this kinda stuff)

Any input, suggestions, etc?
Thanks ahead of time.
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Step 1: BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THE CAT for pissing in your car
Step 2: febreze the crap outa your car..... or is it past fabreze? :bleh:
Febreeze won't help. It's literally in the carpet, not on the surface.
refer to Step 1

unsure what can be done now..... as odd as this sounds, i'd ask the Humane Society or Pound or whatever to see what they use.
I worked for a steam cleaning company for a short time and we had some chemicals we sprayed on the spots and then steam cleaned them.
if it was a male i don't think anything will get rid of it. you have to keep diluting it with a steam cleaner and sucking it up and keep repeating the process before it gets a chance to dry. i mean literally right after it happens.
damn... what did you do to your cat to piss it off and make it piss
Many years ago my roommates cat urinated in the interior of my old Saturn after getting in through an open window. I tried pretty much every product and method I could find (steam cleaning, natures miracle, baking soda, etc...). Although some products helped for a while nothing got rid of the smell as it always came back. The only solution was to replace the seats and carpet. I hope you have better luck.
Way late into the replies but as first post, Natures Miracle is the ONLY thing I found to get rid of things like that. Pour it on and let it dry naturally. If you can you could remove the items from car and apply it, let dry, then do it again.

I had that exact scenario taking my male cat to the vet and the urine leaked out of the carrier. Luckily it was just the bottom back seat cushion. I tried ALL the other tricks listed and same results it seemed good until you got in the car the next day. I asked the Vet what to try and he pointed me to the Natures Miracle.

Since that time I've used it to get rid of smells left by, chocolate shake, baby formula, leaking milk container, vomit, various "foods", all that of course happened in a car in mid summer heat to really just help that baking effect.

I worked in Home Depot for a while and a person came in one day looking for cleaners for her friends car that she threw up in. I told her to shop vac it with some soap and water for the big stuff and then use the Natures Miracle. She said they had already done the wash/vac thing and it didn't help. I told her get the NM and pour it over the area. She came back with her friend 2 weeks later with dinner gift certificate for me and a note for my store manager on customer service because of how well it worked :thumbsup:.

OP even outside the states you should be able to get some shipped via internet shopping. If it didn't get rid of the original you probably didn't get all the areas it got to.
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Is this Nature's Miracle available at HD?

Available at your local pet store. White Jug / Red lettering. I usually get the gallon jug and transfer to a different spray bottle. I use it when I clean the cars like Febreeze and mist all the seats etc. Both my cars get used for trips with kids eating etc and there are NO funky smells.
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Bringing up an old thread, but, I'd like to say I solved this problem.
After trying Febreeze, Nature's Miracle (twice, it helped, but didn't get rid of the smell), using different carpet cleaners, etc. I used an ozone generator, and it got rid of the problem once and for all.
Basically, just visit my post in this thread:
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