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Here are my desires, I'm hoping some of you guys can tell me if it's a good plan or not. I want to relocate my battery to make room for some intake ideas I have (no help needed on these) and I'd like to mount the new battery either under the front passenger seat, or in my spare tire well.

The spare tire well would be easy, I can put an odyssey PC925 with this "Dimple Died Flat Mount Battery Box for Odyssey 925MJT" found here <>

However, I'd like to ba able to keep my spare where's it's supposed to be, and mount an Odyssey PC680 under the front passenger seat with this aluminum housing found here <>

My tech question is: Will the PC680 provide enough amperage/ cranking power for my car, and will I be able to run lights, wipers, and heater without draining the battery? (I don't care about stereo or huge aftermarket lighting)

I'd love to hear from some of y'all who might have experience, or electrical skills on this one, but anyone is free to tell me what they think.

Either way I will be using O-Gauge neoprene welding cable with Stinger HPM ring terminals, and a Flaming River Big Switch(tm) for connections. Thanks a lot!
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