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wireset OEM or generic for regular driver, car unmodified.. what about spark plugs?

  • sparkplug wireset GENERIC (CHEAP)

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OEM or 3rd party spark plug wireset?

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99 corolla.

I'm not sure if I should get oem or 3rd party sparkplug wireset... I haven't researched the cost, but I have been happy with oem filter at $4 each from dealer if I buy 3+. wiresets are so delicate indeed.

As an added bonus, please let me know about other items such as air filter etc etc.. generic or oem. If you post, try to be specific.

If oem, any place you recommend to get genuine oem parts cheap?

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OEM sparkplugs are Denso made. NGK are good too, I'm using Laser Platinum (Part# BKR5EKPB-11, Stock # 4302).

You can go with OEM for wireset too. Again, I'm using NGK (Part #TE64, Stock #7899). Paid about $50 for them.

Each person has their preference. I'm the type to pay a little extra for better quality. I'm using K&N oil filter ($11) and air filter.
what do you guys think about iradium plugs? i just want something that will last a very long time. the reason being, as you know, if you touch the spark plugs, you'll have to take the wireset out. the thing about the wireset is that it's very fragile and prone to perform funny--from personal experience.. thus, once the plugs goes in w/ a new wireset, it's for the life of the car damn it. i'm just worried about heat issues..

is laser platium by NGK?

is oem copper base? anyone have the part number?

Just get OEM iridium plugs, OEM or NGK wires and you're all set.

The part numbers are in your owners manual.
dealer said they only have oem plugs.. nothing about oem iridium plugs.. this is a 99 corolla..don't think manual would have anything about iridium plugs.

does it matter what brand of plugs I buy, ngk, bosch, denso if i go for iridium? also, please check here.. i currently have a bit of a problem in my hands and don't know if I should first drain all my oils first:

please read what i posted before replying to that thread..cuz i am a bit worried about this mystery oil. help!
Stick with Denso or NGK no matter what type of spark plug you choose.

Bosch is more commonly used on European cars.
does it matter which brand of wireset i buy though? Kragen has the Borg Warner which comes with life time warranty from Kragen...assuming it's not normal wear and tear.


Stick with Denso or NGK no matter what type of spark plug you choose.

Bosch is more commonly used on European cars.
i'd still stick with NGK. borg warner specializes in american cars. plus IMO they're products are junk. PM me if you want me to cite my source.
I'll take the advice and stick with japanes, but on a theoretical level, why does it matter since it comes down to resistance, and other physical attributes of a wire.. unless non-japanes parts are made not to spec .... i bought ngk before and wasn't too impress after it broke within a few months. i didn't rough handle it.
I looked at NGK's site vs. Bosch, and notice that Bosch has the lifetime "no-hassle" warranty. I mean, the wireset either works or it doesn't right? And if it start to fail later, I just ship it back to them, but I suppose that would mean i would have to ship it back to them and wait?? I understand what you guys say about sticking with NGK for japanese cars, bosch for european cars, etc etc, but is there an experience that says Bosch doesn't work / isn't good for my corolla?

Gimme the inside story about Bosch..

The one thing that I'm majorly worrying about is that when I buy a new set of wires, install it, but find that it's broken, will the shop take it back to the manufacturer and give me a full exchange..let's say it's within a day or two.
Tried to after market sets of wires never lasted as long as OEM, wires were not cut length had misfiring within 2 years. Installed OEM wires, I can wash the engine and go, no miss firing at all.

Always used Denso plugs from the dealer, they cheaper at the dealer than auto parts store.
after doing more reading on this forum, i can see why people stick with ngk or denso. i hear boots tearing off and stuff for bosch.. so screw that.
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