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I have a 1987 pickup base model, 4wd manual regular cab.

I have bought the parts in the title, looking to add these cool factory options.

Looking around, I can't find a clear answer. Will my truck have factory wiring in the dash for cig. lighter, clinometer (light), clock, and for the sr5 cluster (with tach. etc.)?

Related note, I've heard that the dash has holes predrilled for clinometer, just have to drill through dash vinyl.

I'm hoping it will have wiring for most or all of the parts, to make it easier to install wiring.

I've seen some unused "female" wire connectors behind the stereo (installed new stereo recently) and have been wondering what they might be for.

I haven't received the parts yet (Ebay) but want to learn what I can in the meantime.
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