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Need your help with this decision, I'm looking to buy a pick up truck that to do errands, when cargo is need it, have some off road fun and once in a while from work to home, looking at the Tacoma TRD, Jeep Gladiator and Ford Raptor, I know is hard to involve the raptor into this mix, but from $45000 (tacoma trd pro) to $53000 (Raptor), financing $8000 more won't be an issue, neither gas consumption or parking, I'm located in Florida.

Thanks in advance

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That decision for me would be easy since I'm a Toyota guy. After all of the Ford trucks we've had at work, I would never buy a Ford truck. What a nightmare every one of those has been. The Jepp is great for off-road as they all are but the reliability of Jeep as a whole has been poor.

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Ford Raptor if you can swing for it since it is one of the most bad ass trucks on the market today (Look great on Rays wheels too), or of course the Tacoma, but I know its engine isn't as good as the old one. Since this would be a weekend toy, shouldn't have to care much about MPG. With trucks, many of them hold their resales insanely well (Toyotas are no exception), even Jeeps.
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