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Official 7th gen Chat Thread

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As the title says, let's talk! :)

See the little tab on the top of the gear shifter panel? Pop it off and push the button - see page 185 in your owners manual (page 17 of this PDF): That will allow you to put it in N and start the car.
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Does anyone know what's wrong with the website ?
No, but i wish I did!
It shut down on me on the USA Thanksgiving Thursday holiday... Almost 2 weeks now
They have the bestest diagrams with associated parts #s I have ever found
Says it's been down more than a week.

It just recently went back online
Yes, I check it often throughout the day as time permits
We are back into the business (y)
Does anyone know what's wrong with the website TOYOTA | Japan Parts EU ?
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Is there some sort of specialist fork tool to safely and cleanly remove the two connectors from the fan shroud
One is o2 sensor and other is fan motor wiring
Some kind of wire harness clamp?
This has quickly become a 250$ task :cautious:
Usually a trim tool works pretty well to pull those up?

Here's a pic
Flat screw and another wedge tool on either side
It's a no go won't slide down!
... Trying to remove the entire fan shroud but 2 wiring harness are getting in the way

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What colour is this gem?

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