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Official 7th gen Chat Thread

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As the title says, let's talk! :)

See the little tab on the top of the gear shifter panel? Pop it off and push the button - see page 185 in your owners manual (page 17 of this PDF): That will allow you to put it in N and start the car.
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Why would this get removed? It's as topical as the rest of our thread derailments.

HAIL 94RollaOP
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FOR SALE. Lightly used Moderator of European origin. Can be used for food delivery, and is pre equipped with two cars. Highest bidder.

There - I posted a for sale in this thread. Better remove it! :-D
Eastern European, thank you. But yes, will deliver for cash and hugs.

We should leave it, this forum isn't all that active and we love having fun. But I'm glad to hear his problem was taken care of!
Wow I didn't realize we didn't have a chat thread. I've been hanging out in the 10th gen one lol.
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Thanks SupremeCorolla! Finally a place for me to post random stuff.
My first post:

My mother went to the Lexus dealer to get her tires replaced on her 2001 RX300. Surprisingly, Lexus has fantastic prices on tires. Alignment was $195 though lol. I go with her to take the loaner back (CT200h, surprisingly awesome car). Anyway, my mother is talking to her favorite salesperson that sold her the car. They know each other and she always chats with him whenever she's there. Meanwhile, I see an RC-F on the showroom floor and start drooling. LOOK AT THESE SEATS.

Amazing steering wheel, suede armrests and gauge cover, floor mounted gas pedal, and such comfortable yet sporty seats. The perfect blend of daily comfort and amazing hold on your entire body.

So I approach the salesman that I had never met, and we start chatting. I mention I drive an MR2 Spyder and his eyes light up. He tells me a story of how he bought an MR2 Spyder from a customer, who sold his 2000 for $9k to him.... with 6700 original miles. Then he took me to the top floor of the garage with one of the Lexus technicians. So the technician has a black 2001 and this salesman has a black 2000. The 2000 is PRISTINE. Perfect paint, perfect leather interior, 100% stock. We talk for quite a bit about mods, he even gives me his business card and asks me to come back with my Spyder Monday so he can see it and we can talk. Awesome guy.

I ask to test drive the RC-F, knowing that it's incredibly unlikely I can do so. It's a limited production car, it's over $75k, and I'm a 21 year old guy in a tiny cheap sports car. The guy says yes and immediately goes to get the car to my surprise. My heart is racing. A 467HP V8 that revs to 7000 RPM...

I wait a good 15 minutes for him to bring the car out. He finally comes out with a GORGEOUS gray RC-F. He explains to me that he had to unwrap the entire interior because it was coated in plastics, he believes I'm the first person to ever drive it. Holy shit. He also explains it came with the performance package. This includes a carbon fiber roof, carbon fiber pop up rear wing, and a torque vectoring differential. Then he says it's company policy that the salesman takes the car out of the lot, and they prefer to actually follow it with such an expensive car. So he drives it down the road into an empty parking lot across the street. Starts turning in as tight a circle as possible and hits the gas. Tires start squealing and THE TURNING RADIUS IS SO TIGHT. It might be tighter than my MR2! He gets out and lets me sit down.

First thing I do is put it into Sport+ mode. The tach immediately changes color and the redline goes up by something like 500 RPM. That sweet 7000 RPM redline is open to me. Traction control stays ON. My mother is in the rear seat. The guy tells me where to go, to a twisty road with a small police presence. He's encouraging me to flog it.

We get there and I let the engine breathe. All the power is in the mid and top end with this engine, so you have to rev it out. Oh my lord that exhaust note. It's orgasmic. floor it and it pins you into the seat. The seats, oh my god. And that floor mounted gas pedal is just... so right. I'm weaving through traffic uphill through this twisty road. My mother is letting out yelps. The guy is laughing. Then I notice a cop on a motorcycle drive right by me. I look down and I'm doing.... a little over the limit. Luckily the cop ignores me, and I'm incredibly thankful for that. I've been doing turns at pretty high speeds and the car didn't feel even close to its limit. So much grip I can't even. The rest of the way I drive sensibly, and suddenly this monster of a car feels like a luxury car. Even in sport+ the ride is soft and smooth, exudes luxury. The seats that held me so firmly now softly hug me and keep my back straight so comfortably. The exhaust dies down and is quiet as the automatic shifts at 2000 RPM through its 8 gears. It's truly a luxury car. I floor it a few more times, the traction control and torque vectoring don't even let the tires squeal.

I park the car and marvel at its beauty. The salesman has a huge smile on his face, as do I. My mother is scared but thrilled. My chest feels light. It was truly an experience to push such a car. I'm a fairly conservative driver, but holy shit do I love this car... and damn did I uncharacteristically drive hard.

My mother managed to snap this. Look at the (frameless!!) rearview mirror and you'll see my feelings on the car.

I'm so thankful I was given this chance. It was an incredible experience like no other... and I'm thrilled. Surprisingly, my Spyder does NOT feel inadequate after this! I took it to the same road and pushed it.. sure it's not fast, but it still handles like a beast. Plus it's so raw and loud and sharp and twitchy, the Lexus is luxury and I prefer a raw driving experience. Still, I dream of someday owning such a car.
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It's why I like this car. Doesn't attract serious people for the most part. We do things to our cars because we love them in our own way, even though they're slow and boxy.
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Halo, I loved what you wrote about the RC-F. . . You'd be great at reviewing cars.
I wish! I'd love to review cars. I'm already a writer, and a photographer (kinda lol), I'd be thrilled if I could review cars.
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Also that video is awesome! But such disappointing camera work

I know that many nav systems for new cars are over $2000 each. Replacing them is a big deal. I also wanted to install a nav system in my mother's 2001 Lexus RX300. I found out that to install an OEM nav unit, I would need the unit itself, a big chunk of the OEM harness, and a new ECU from a car that came with navigation. Yeah, the ECU is different between nav and non nav vehicles for that model.
We'll be taking a road trip next month, around the country more or less (friend's wedding, then visiting family). . . Debating between driving the Corolla or borrowing my Dad's F-150. The F-150 has recently had the transmission replaced, and in theory is the better choice.
Either it'll be reliable due to the new transmission, or the new transmission has a high chance of failure soon after replacement because transmissions love to do that.
I have a question for you guys with experience in the automotive industry. I want to apply for a job at a dealership, most people start off as a porter moving cars around. This is okay by me, what are your thoughts on this?

I'm also considering taking a course at a local community college for service advisers, it's a job I've been really considering lately as well. Seems real nice, as I have a good background in mechanical knowledge (enough to work efficiently) and good people skills/customer service experience for the last year and a half.
Being a Service Advisor, or Service Writer/Consultant takes all these skills needed to be proficient at the job: Have a professional appearance, Be able to speak clearly, be able to listen carefully to the customer, write neatly and or type correctly, and be familiar with shop standards and procedures.

Taking a short course on service advisor skill development would be beneficial as too would be interpersonal relationship building. The service advisor job takes knowing about cars and how to accurately relay the problems in a "how, when, why, where" manner to the service technician so they can more accurately diagnose the problem. If you are able to understand a persons concern and correctly transfer their words to a work order then you should have no problem. The work order is something you should look into and how it is filled. Since you have a general knowledge of vehicles and how things are supposed to work/ perform you can be a service advisor, it doesn't necessarily mean you need to be on the same knowledge level as a service tech.

Here are some things that are written on common work orders that I am taking out of a book.

  • Recording the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle on the work order.
  • Recording the make, model, year, and mileage on the work order
  • Carefully recording what the customers complaint (concern) so that the service technician can verify the complaint and make the proper repair.
  • Reviewing the customer's vehicle history file and identify where additional required service
  • Keeping the customer informed as to the progress of the service work

The part where the repair should be finalized, this is where your marketing skill in selling something will become very helpful. But this is your sale point to why it needs to be addressed or the prolonged problems they may have. The work order in many of the technicians eyes is very much a legal document in some cases.. Only because if the person declines needed work and something happens to where someone may be injured because of it you need to make sure you have the proper documentation on the w.o. to verify the decline or otherwise. So good documentation is important, for you, the tech, and the dealership. But other than that I have nothing more to say but you'll be waiting around and greeting a lot. Starting out as a porter may be alright, you may want to express that you want to become a service advisor at first and see what you need to get there. Taking college courses helps, believe me. Hope this helps
Thank you! I think I'm well suited for the job honestly. So you seem to have a decently positive view on the job?
Shieeet now my mind is pretty much set. Thanks again!
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Thanks 94RollaDad, I have to keep all this in mind when putting together a plan. Daunting but exciting!
My cousin had a Focus as a lease, it was pretty awful. The transmission in particular was trash, even after multiple "recalls" where they reprogrammed it. Never fully fixed it. I'm just surprised such cheap cars had DCTs.
My uncle isn't exactly... super nice. He told me "with all the money you spent on your Corolla, you could have put a downpayment on a new Corolla." And I said "My Corolla is bulletproof, gets good gas mileage, and costs me nothing. I don't wanna go spending $20k on a new one." This came from the guy who leased two Fords then gave them back, ending up with a lot less money and no cars. I still have my Corolla, and it didn't have to be recalled like one of his Fords for huge transmission issues.
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Is what I found correct? Does the 7th gen Corolla really have 12.8 cubic feet of trunk space? Because the 2015 IS350 has only 10.8, the trunk definitely looks smaller. Can't fit two suitcases in it. I'm appalled! Huge sedan, tiny trunk.
RWD surely doesn't help the IS trunk space, but the fact that it has separate shocks and springs does help trunk space.

The 2015 IS is quite a large vehicle for the "small" part of the lineup. I've been driving one for two weeks.
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