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Central Chapter BBQ Meet !!!!!!!!!

Date : Saturday , June 6 , 2009

Time : 12:00pm

Location : McDonald's
7344 Sand Lake Rd
Doctor Phillips, Fl 32819

From There CCC will Follow Danny and Cruise to Lake FairView Park for The BBQ .
*Please Bring Plenty of Food & Drinks for Everyone not just Yourself
*No Need to Bring Chips , Bring real food .
*Hot Dogs
*Hot Dog & Hamburger Buns
*Charcoal & Fluid , Matches
*Football or Volley Ball
** These are samples of what to bring .
*** Please Make a list with what you are bringing . Don't Show up with money cause no one is gonna leave the fun to go shopping for food . Don't Show up with nothing and say you aren't Hungry. Don't say your coming & your bringing something and then at the last moment you can't make it .
****Friends and Family are more then welcomed just make sure you bring plenty of food for them too.

We don't want to know who isn't coming , all we want to know who is gonna show up .
Stragglers Can Go Straight To The Park

*** LakeView Park BBQ Meet
it's at the edge of OBT and Lee rd

Hope to see you guys there!
Central Florida , V.P.
Be Safe , No Burnouts , Have Fun , No Alcohol & Respect others . You are representing CCC.
PS: If you're a new member and need decals, please let Asain Rick know prior to the meet.
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