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Thank You to James (Djblackjack) and his girlfriend Jen for organizing the entire meet and BBQ as well. It was great turn out from all 5 clubs. We dynoed 19 cars and about 40 cars overall.
Thanks to Nestor we got to see a VERY rare Supercharged Toyota Sienna (van that is) on dyno and some nice numbers from a couple of Supercharged Corolla's (from NCfour). Our one and only turboed XR had a bit of a problem, A/F was a little too rich, so no numbers there. Arvin with his GTS and Camcon came out but unfotunately his Camcon wasn't tuned yet. Arvin go tune your Camcon and please share us your results. Two Solara's showing with some nice torque results, one of them only had a custom intake with nice numbers. Then of course our organizer and his XR with I / H / E / NOZ showed different numbers from our last dyno in Jan 2005, good job James.
Thanks to the weather being good to us this time comparing to our last dyno meet where it rained very hard. We even had a little Auto Show in Motion where some members took turn driving each others cars....hehehe and some had a chance to ride in Djblackjack's NOZ XR....psssshh pssshh (purge).
Finally, Thanks to Modacar and staff for another excellent service and having us for the second time this year. We hope that everyone had fun and thank you for coming out. It's always nice to see Toytota enthusiast and get together. HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE SOON ! ! !
After further review here are the results.......

....and here is the gallery of the Dyno Meet, ENJOY ! ! ! CLICK HERE FOR PICS ! ! !
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