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Finally took some pictures of my white wheels. Lotta fender gap but I don't care.

I still need to deep clean them to remove some staining, bought the supplies just been busy doing other things to the car recently. Thankfully they wipe off incredibly easily, and with quick detailer and a cloth they look great again after 5 minutes.

People tell me they look great but they don't see them after a week without cleaning them. Not that I plan on finding out what that horror show would look like. They can't even handle 200 miles of brake dust before the rears are gross, the hawk HPS dust is nasty and the fronts EBC yellowstuff dust is way less noticeable even though it's a far more aggressive pad on the front brakes.. seems odd but I guess the pad materials are a lot different.



She's only pretty on the outside. God that looks so ghetto and nasty. Looks a little different now as this is an older pic and I made intake changes to shorten total length, increase acoustic deepness and change airflow dynamics to give me more crackles when I lift off at high rpm. Still looks nasty and ghetto though.
701 - 707 of 707 Posts