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Many of these DIYs are missing pics because Photobucket stopped offering free pic hot-linking. There are workarounds if you're using Firefox or Chrome for a web browser:

Fire fox: Click here
Chrome: Click here

For Gen 3 & 4 Camry owners who want to do-it-yourself with regular maintenance, repairs, and modifications, listed below are links that may provide the help you need. It would also be a good idea for any person doing DIY work to purchase a Haynes or Chilton manual that will answer most any repair question.

If you have something you think should be added to this sticky, or if you see something that is in error, please send a PM with the link/information to any of the Camry section Moderators.

Thread full of youtube DIY videos.

Speedkar's "How does it work" videos
How Power Door Locks Work
How Fuel Injectors Work
How the ABS Motor Works
How a Car Radio Works
How a Starter Works
How a Suspension Works
How A/C Drier & Condenser Works
How a Dual Zone A/C System in a Works in an Infiniti G35
How a Power Steering Pump Works
How Shock Absorbers/Struts Work


5S-FE Engine & Trans Swap (Gen4)

Engine swap - JDM 3S-FE in lieu of a 5S-FE

Gen 3 5S-FE Swap to GEN4 5S-FE Dogbone Mount (Bigger and less vibrations)

Motor Mount Replacement 5S-FE

Rear Motor Mount Replacement on a V6

Complete Motor Mount Replacement on a V6 (Gen4)

Oil Change on 1MZ-FE V6, and other routine maintenance & fluid level checks (great for noobies)

1MZ-FE V6 - How to make changing the oil filter a little less messy

Interference Engines & Timing Belt Replacement Recommendations from (PDF file)

Timing Belt, Water Pump, Crank/Cam seals - Part I (1MZ-FE)
Timing Belt, Water Pump, Crank/Cam seals - Part 2 (1MZ-FE)

Part 1 - Timing Belt, Oil Seals Replacement (5S-FE)
Part 2 - Timing Belt, Oil Seals Replacement (5S-FE)

Timing Belt Change (5S-FE)

Timing Belt + Water Pump + Oil Seal Change - 5S-FE:
Part 1 - DIY: GEN3 Timing Belt + Waterpump + Oil Seal Change - Part 1
Part 2 - DIY: GEN3 Timing Belt + Waterpump + Oil Seal Change - Part 2

Oil pump o-ring and pulley instructions (5S-FE)

Replacing/Adjusting the Power Steering and Serpentine Belts (5S-FE)

Valve Cover Removal & Painting on a 5S-FE

Valve Stem Seal Replacement Without Removing the Head (5S-FE)

Valve Cover Gasket - Video (4th gen 5S-FE)

^If you're doing that, be sure to also do this:
Resealing the Distributor Block-off Plug on Distributor-less 5S-FE (Gen 4)
Another thread on that...
Resealing the Halfmoon plugs & Distributor Block-off Plug on Distributor-less 5S-FE (Gen 4)
...and this:
Spark Plug Tube Removal / Cleaning 5S-FE

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement - 3VZ-FE V6

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement - 1MZ-FE V6

5S-FE Oil Pump Diagnosis

5S-FE Oil Cooler Seal Replacement (Gen 3)

How to Check Valve Clearances

How to run a Compression and Leakdown Test

Head gasket leak/cracked head testing

Alternator and power steering belt replacement

Adding an oil pressure gauge to the 5S-FE

V6 1MZFE - Top End Work: Spark Plugs, Knock Sensor, Bypass Hose, etc

Fuel, Intake, and Exhaust

Dropping Fuel Tank

Replacing gas fill door spring (Gen 4)

Fuel Filler Neck Replacement

Fuel rail & injectors removal - 4cyl i4 5S-FE gen4

Fuel filter replacement - (Gen 4)

Fuel schrader valve retrofit

Fuel Pump Replacement in a Wagon (Gen3)

Replacing fuel pump & sock filter, checking fuel level sender - (Gen 3.5)

Fuel pump removal - (Gen 3)

Throttlebody Disassembly & Cleaning (5S-FE)

Throttlebody Cleaning (5S-FE - other engines similar)

Throttlebody (TB) Coolant Bypass - DISCUSSION

Fixing cold start bogging on the 3VZ-FE V6

5S-FE IACV Cleaning
Note: The IACV screws are M5x0.8x16 with a #2 JIS drive - They look like a Phillips drive, but they're not.

3VZ-FE IACV Cleaning

Exhaust system replacement

Toyota Injectors - detailed specs

Engine Cooling System

Coolant Flush/Change 5S-FE

Coolant Flush Method 5S-FE

Block Heater Replacement 5S-FE

Lower Temperature Thermostat For 1MZ-FE (An alternative to TRD)

Radiator & Thermostat Change on an I4 (Gen 3)

Thermostat Replacement - V6 1MZ-FE

Radiator Bracket Repair Gen3/4

Radiator Replacement (Video) - ES300 V6 1MZ-FE

Ignition System

Plugs and Valve Cover Pictorial for 1MZ-FE

Spark Plug Change 1MZ-FE Engine in a Solara

Spark Plug & Wire Replacement, 1MZ-FE v6 with waste spark system, with pics (Gen 4)

Spark Plug Wire Change on 1MZ-FE w/ waste spark system ('02 Solara)

Spark plug tube seals replacement (1MZ-FE)

5S-FE Distributor Diagnosis

1MZ-FE V6 coil connector replacement

Igniter testing

OBD I & II, Emissions, & Sensors

Has OBD I:
92-95 5S-FE 4 cyl
92-93 3VZ-FE V6

96-onward 5S-FE 4 cyl
94-onward 1MZ-FE V6

How to pull OBD I error codes and a list of OBD I and OBD II code descriptions

OBD II error codes explained and what could be causing them. Click on "Toyota" to find P1xxx codes.

Phone/tablet OBD2 live monitoring with setup example

3VZ-FE OBD I, Diagnostics mode II

OBD1 live monitoring (compatible with limited Toyota engines, see list in link)

REFERENCE - OBD 1 & 2 Diagnostic Port Locations

ECU Removal

Replacing ECU Electrolytic Capacitors

EGR Valve Replacement 5S-FE

Alternate Method of Removing 5S-FE EGR Valve

EGR VSV removal, diagnosis, & relocation (5S-FE)

1MZ-FE, EGR, code P0401 & P0402 diagnostic & repair

EGR vacuum modulator - how it works (video)

Narrowband A/F Gauges - DISCUSSION

Knock Sensor Replacement (5S-FE)

Knock Sensor Diagnosing & Replacing (3VZ-FE V6)

Knock Sensor Work Around (3VZ-FE V6)

Knock Sensor Work Around (1MZ-FE V6)

O2 Sensor (Downstream) Replacement, 5S-FE (P0141) Gen 4

Replacing Both Upstream Air/Fuel Sensors, 1MZ-FE V6, (Gen 4)

O2 or Air/Fuel Sensor Replacement, 1MZ-FE Rear Bank Upstream (Gen 4)

5S-FE Vacuum Routing Made Easy (FEDERAL-Gen3)

Charcoal Canister VSV Replacement (P0446) Gen 4

P0450 & P0441

Checking the ECT Sensor Without Tools 5S-FE (Gen 3)

Denso O2/Air Fuel Sensor p/n Table:
Note: "OEM" means it comes with the proper connector for a Toyota. "Universal" means it has no connector, just wires to transfer your old sensor's connector to.

Engine Miscellaneous

Cam and Crank shaft tools

Engine Bay Cleaning

Starter & Electrical

OEM style battery terminals

Diagnosing alternator/charging problems

Starter Solenoid Contacts Replacement (Gen 4, 5S-FE)

Starter Solenoid Contacts Replacement (Gen 4, 1MZ-FE V6)

Alternator rebuild DIY

Camry Won't Start Checklist: 92-96 5S-FE

Replacing the 100A main fuse

Battery Group Size Chart Gen 3 & 4 Camrys take a group 35 size battery. Be aware there is a group 25 that is exactly the same size, but with the +/- terminals reversed. Don't use one of them by mistake!

Blown fuses: A Quick and Easy way to check for them.

Neutral Safety Switch Cleaning


P1780 - Park/Neutral Position Switch Malfunction

5S-FE Engine & Trans Swap (Gen4)

Transmission rear main seal replacement - 5S-FE/A140E transaxle

Transmission mount replacement

Transaxle output shaft seal replacement

PWR Button and O/D Button Explained and Demonstrated

Diagnosing a Bad Differential A140E

Automatic Transmission Flush and Filter Replacement (5S-FE)

Manual transmission drain and fill plug locations (5S-FE)

Manual Transmission Breather Vent

Automatic Transmission Direct Swap/Replacement (5S-FE)

Clutch Replacement (Gen 3 - 5S-FE)

Fidanza Friction Plate Replacement

Differential Fluid Change

Shift Solenoid #3 (SL Solenoid) Diagnostic

P0500 - VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor replacement on 1MZ-FE V6 Solara

A140E (5S-FE transmission) valve body R&R

Brakes & ABS System

ABS - Retrieving error codes

Brake Fluid Flush

Brake Fluid Bleeder - Make your own cheaply.

PowerBleeder - Bleed your brakes the easy way

Bleed your Brakes the "Eric the Car Guy" way

Front Brake hose Replacement (Gen 3)

Brake Line Fabrication

Brake Lines (double flare): How To Make Your Own

Brake Pad Change

Brake Job: General Info (Gen 3)

Brakes: Master Cylinder Replacement

Master Cylinder Rebuild

Front brakes - caliper re-build, pad replacement Part 1
Front brakes - caliper re-build, pad replacement Part 2

Rear rotors, pads, shoes, caliper re-build, many pics. Part 1
Rear rotors, pads, shoes, caliper re-build, many pics. Part 2

Drum Brake/Shoe Replacement and Parking Brake Adjustment

Painting Calipers and Brackets (pics missing)

Rebuilding & Painting Calipers and Brackets

Parking Brake Cable Replacement Procedure (Gen 3 - 2.2L)

Parking Brake Cable adjustment on Camrys with foot brake pedal (Gen3)

Parking Brake Service w/ Rear Disk Brakes


CV Boot Replacement (5S-FE) - Passenger Side

CV Shaft Replacement (3VZ-FE and 1MZFE) (Gen 3)

Passenger Side Axle Replacement 5S-FE (Gen 4)

Axle Replacement 92-96

92-97 Driver's Side Axle Replacement

Wheel Bearing Replacement (Gen 3)
Front: DIY - Front wheel bearing R&R
Rear: Rear wheel bearing R & R


Diagnosing Bad Rear Lateral Arms

Camry lower ball joint replacement in situ PICS

Springs & Struts Guide

Strut Replacement - Front End (Gen 3)

Strut Replacement - Rear (Gen 3)

Suspension OEM Part Numbers (Gen 3)

Sway Bar End-Link Replacement - Rear End

Sway Bar End-Link Replacement - Front End

Rear sway bar bushing replacement (Gen4)


Inner Tie Rod Replacement (Rack Removed)

Power Steering Fluid Change

Power Steering Pump Rebuild (1MZ-FE)

Power Steering Pump Rebuild

Power Steering pump kit (gasket rebuild) - 92-96 Camry (5S-FE)

Power Steering Hoses - Internal and outer diameters (gen3.5)

Rack and Pinion Replacement + Axles (No Pictures)

Rack and Pinion Removal/Install

Steering Rack and P/S Pressure Hose Replacement (Gen 3 1MZ-FE)

Lighting - Interior/Exterior, Maintenance & mods

List of bulb types (Gen3)

Headlight Lens Clearing (Gen 4)

Headlight dust covers

How To Remove Gen 3 Headlights

Installing side marker lights

2006 Accord Coupe Fog Light Retrofit (Gen 3.5)

Projector Headlights (Gen 4)

MORE LIGHT! 9006 to 9005 Bulb Conversions

Headlight Conversion For 00-01

HID headlight conversion(Gen 4)

Adding DRLs, Daytime Running Lights (Gen4)

Independent Fog Light Mod - Solara

Corner Lamp Blackout (Gen 4)

Corner Lamp Offset Fix (Gen 3)

Clear corners, Amber Removal, Custom silver Reflector (Gen4)

Door welcome light installation

Trunk Cold Cathode Mod

"D" Bulb Replacement (Gen 3)

Cleaning Door/Dome Light Switch (Gen4)

Ignition Light Replacement (Gen 4)

Shifter (Gearbox) Lights Color Change (Gen 4)

Floor Lighting (Gen 4)

Climate Control Bulb Replacement (Gen 4)

Climate Control Bulb Replacement (Gen 3)

Exterior info, Maintenance, & Repair

Windshield washer fluid reservoir removal (Gen4)

How to remove and reinstall badges

2001 Camry XLE, remove and re-paint the front Grill

Front end collision repair (Gen3)

Door Panel Removal & Exterior Door Handle Replacement (Gen 3)

Hydraulic hood support replacement

Exterior Mods

Swapping in fan-pattern spray windshield washer nozzles

Installing heated mirrors (Gen4)

Front Grille - Custom (Gen 3)

Gen 4 to Gen4.5 Front End Swap

Installing Hood Struts on Gen4 Camry (Gen4 to 4.5 Conversion)

Bodykits and Accessories (Gen 3 and Gen 4) - Needs Updating

Gen 3 and 3.5 Interchange Guide

Interior Info, Maintenance, and Repair

Instrument cluster - repairing inaccurate speedo/tachometer (Gen 3)

Speedometer/odometer cuts off when hot. (Gen 4)

Repairing inaccurate speedometer/tach - cluster removal & capacitor replacement (Gen 3 V6)

Tachometer - converting 6-4 cylinder

Odometer Reprogramming (Gen 4)

Resetting the airbag light (Gen 3)

Door Panel Removal & Key Code (Gen 4)

Door Panel Removal (Gen 4)

Door Lock Actuator Replacement (Gen 4)

Interior Door Handle Replacement (Gen 3)

Power Window Motor Repair, Replacing Brushes

Power Window Motor Repair, Replacing Brushes (Gen 4)

Power door lock repair (Gen 4)

Gen 3 & Gen 4 Loose Seat Back (the back rest on the front seats) Fix - No Pictures

How to swap driver/passenger seat cushions

Child seat - adding tether anchor/mount

Gen 3 Center Arm Rest Guide (Squishy!)

Ignition Switch Removal

Reprogramming chip keys/immobilizer

VIP Security System Installation and Info

Programming Remote Entry (Gen 4)

Power Window Master Switch

Power Window Motor and Regulator Replacement (Gen 3)

Steering Wheel Removal & Wiper/Turn Signal Switch Replacement

Changing out Head Light - Wiper - Turn Signal Switch

Steering Wheel/Airbag Color Change (and removal)

Testing Power Window Switches

Power Window Wiring Repair

Factory Alarm Remote Battery Change (Gen 3)

Piezo Buzzer Removal (door Chime) (Gen 3)

Center Console Removal (Gen 3)

Headliner replacement (Gen 3)

Clock - Fixing Intermittent Display in a 2000 Camry

Trunk Release Cable Repair (Gen 4)

Fixing sagging trunk floor panels (Gen 4)

Interior Modifications

Back seat bed/storage area mod (Gen 4)

Replacing the Clock With a Digital Voltmeter (Gen 4)

Adding a Cabin Air Filter (Gen 3)

Automatic Shifter Installation With O/D

Change The Color Of Your Steering Wheel

ES300 Steering Wheel Swap

Leather armrest upgrade

Camry to Lexus ES300 Instrument Cluster conversion

ES300 Sun Visor & Auto-dimming mirror

Cluster Needle Color Change (Gen 4)

Coloring The Gauge Needles

Install Reverse Glow Gauges (Gen 4)

Power seat swap and head unit swap (Gen 4)

Heated Seats Installation

Lexus seat swap with position memory

How to Change Your Shift Boot

Leather Shifter Stitching Color Change

White Reverse Glow Gauge Installation (Gen 3)

Installing keyless entry

Change your Speedometer from MPH to KM

Window Roll-Down Module Installation

Power Trunk Release mod (Gen 3)

Push Start / Kill Switch

Audio & Antenna

Upgrade/Change Door Speakers (Gen 3/3.5)

Speaker Replacement (Gen 3)

Speaker Replacement (Solara)

Installing 6.5" speakers in the rear of a wagon (Gen3)

How to Remove Your Stereo (Gen 4)

Sub-woofer Wiring Diagrams

Stereo & HVAC - LED Color Change

Rear Seats & Speaker Removal (Gen 4)

Add AUX input and AMP pre-out to your radio

Add AUX input to a double DIN stock head unit

Add AUX input to a JBL/Fujitsu Ten head unit

How to fix flaky controls on stock head unit (Gen 4)

OEM Power Antenna Replacement With Aftermarket Antenna

Power Antenna Mast Replacement

Power Antenna Disassembly

S2000 Antenna Conversion

Climate Controls, AC, Heater

Blower Motor Resistor Replacement (Gen4)

Blower Motor Replacement (Gen3)

Replace A/C Expansion Valve and Evaporator

AC - R134a Retrofit

AC system troubleshooting doc from Denso with pressure recommendations.

Receiver/dryer tear-down

A/C Compressor Magnetic Clutch Replacement

A/C Compressor Magnetic Clutch Replacement, in vehicle

Carpet wet?... How to unplug the evaporator drain hose

Airflow directional control servo (Gen4)

Fixing reduced airflow from center vents (Gen4)

Removing vents & getting rid of the foam chips that come from them (Gen4)


1996 Toyota Camry Specifications

Correct jacking points

Towing With a Camry

Performance Modifications and Installation Guide

The following modifications are to absolutely be done at your own risk. These are all only suggested modifications that theoretically work but are not endorsed by Toyota, Toyota Nation, or any other governing body of experts. Please be confident in your mechanical knowledge and abilities before attempting any of these modifications.

5S-FE Performance Thread (of Doom)

Acoustic Control Induction System (ACIS) Modification For V6s (2VZ-FE, 3VZ-FE, 1MZ-FE)

Adding Airflow

Alarm Remote Starter Install (Gen 4)

Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap

Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap (Tips) for Gen 3 1MZ-FE Swap

5 Speed - Flashing OD Light Fix

Better Aerodynamics

Walbro Fuel Pump / Regulator Removal / Return Install

Cheaply Monitoring A/F

Cheap Water Injection

Electronic Transmission Controller

Free Power: Toysrme AFM + Timing Mod (3S-FE, 2VZ-FE, 3VZ-FE)

Gen 3 Emanage Blue Settings & Install

Toyota Injectors - detailed specs

Gen 3 5S-FE Custom Cold Air Intake (CAI)

Gen 3 5S-FE Custom Cold Air Intake (CAI) (alternate source)

Gen 3 & Gen 4 Rear Drum Brake to Rear Disc Brake Conversion

Gen 3 Rear Drum to Disc Conversion Part 1 (with photos): Proportioning Valve
Gen 3 Rear Drum to Disc Brake Conversion Part 2 (with photos): Parking Brake Cables
Gen 3 Rear Drum to Disc Brake Conversion Part 3 (with photos): Backing Plate/Bearing
Gen 3 Rear Drum to Disc Conversion Part 4 (w/ photos):Install Brake cables & Calipers

I4 to V6 Rear Disc Brake Swap

Upgrade Front Brake Calipers to Dual-Piston Calipers (Alternative) LS400 Brakes

Brake Upgrades (OEM) for Gen 3/4 Camry & Gen 1 Solara

ES 300 Brake Upgrade Information

Highlander/RX350 Front Brake Upgrade Information

Gen 4 5S-FE Intake Installation

Gen 4 Short Shifter Install - ALSO, How To Install A Gen 4 Shifter Into A Gen 3 (No Pictures)

How to get 50% less forward shifter throw on a 5 speed

How to Install Cruise Control on a Non-Cruise Car

How To Turbo Your Camry - 5S-FTE Tips & Information


How To Turbo Your Camry (Updated)

Info on 5SGTE Block: 3SGTE Cylinder Head Swap on Your 5S-FE Block

ARP Head Stud Install 5S-FE, 5SGTE, 3SGTE

Cam and valve specs for 3VZ-FE, 1MZ-FE, & 2JZ-GE

Install a Whiteline Rear Sway Bar (RSB)

Power Though Cooling

Quicker Automatic Transmission Shifting

Simple Tuning for Simple (Intake/Exhaust) Upgrades

SMT-6 Wiring on 5S-FE (94-96)

Test Pipe (to Replace Catalytic Converter)

Bosal 1MZ-FE front pipe: smaller diameter warning & General 1MZ-FE Exhaust notes

1MZ-FE Cold Air Intake

5S-FE Intake Manifold Upgrade to 60MM 1MZ-FE

Relocate Cruise Control / Install Lightweight Battery - 5S-FE

Custom Oil-Catch Can (1MZ-FE)

Tires and Wheels

Getting The Right Size Tires For Your Wheels

IS300 Wheels & Gen3 4-cyl Camrys Fitment Problem

Tire Size Calculator (great when seeking information for what happens when you change tire size)

Tire Tech - Everything you want to know

Replacing your Wheel studs with limited tools

General ALL MODEL Maintenance and Common Sense

Maintenance / Parts -- 3rd & 4th Gen

Check your Oil

WINTER Maintenance Tips

Torque Specs For 2000 Camry

Old Recall notice for Loose Nut! READ

Miscellaneous Information and FAQ

Pictures of Camrys By Color

History of the Toyota Solara

Thanks to everybody who has helped out with this DIY. I won't list them off, since there is so many different people who created DIY threads, but it is by help from the community itself that we have such good information on Toyota Nation.
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