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I went from 408hp Twin-Turbo V8 trash to I4 Toyota reliability (hopefully). Had a 2012 BMW 550 x-Drive for 7 months and as an enthusiast I’d always recommended Toyota but nvr owned one.

Well I’m a DIEHARD Janet Jackson fan (I almost faint at the mention of her name) and id had tix for her latest World Tour for 2 yrs, and of course two days before the event(12/16/17) the BMW broke down AGAIN smh. I rented a Chevy Camaro SS to take me to the event but vowed and said at that moment “i Love two things in life: my Mom and Janet Jackson, and if anything keeps me from EITHER, hunny i am DONE and you’re out of here”. Of course the BMW broke down again 6 days ago and I’d had enuF! I googled “the closest Toyota dealer” and drove there with no intentions of buying a new car, just to look..but I brought home my celestial silver Camry SE that night.

First new car, first Toyota, and first time that I can schedule my Janet Jackson events according to a reliable car. I don’t play when it comes to Janet!! Hope this Camry is as reliable as I’ve seen others rave about, and pleased to meet you all.


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41 - 60 of 168 Posts
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