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06 Avalon Ltd/no nav
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Hello 4th Gen folks. I almost become apart of the family. I have a 06 Avalon Limited. I went to test Drive a Black 2013 XLE Touring and I was disappointed with the ride quality. The opportunity was ready made. Price $17,995 78k miles. 1 owner/leased. Everything perfect for an upgrade for me, but it just wasn’t comfortable. I don’t need extra plush but it’s too sporty, not the look but the suspension. I did some research and found out the 13-15 models had a tighter suspension and 2016 and up was “re-tuned”.

Again, the look I love, but it’s the ride quality. The Touring package is nice tho. It was fun for a moment. Same familiar engine feel of course, just the ride quality. Too bad.
1 - 1 of 106 Posts